In 1876, the telephone was invented, changing communications forever and allowing anyone with a phone to communicate quickly and efficiently, replacing telegraph and telegrams.

About 100 years later, the world wide web reshaped the way we think and do business, making communications and content distribution free and allowing you to buy, sell or market anything, anywhere, anytime, from any device.


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Autoresponder services can shut you down for any reason they want, and then you will have an extremely difficult time moving your list to a new service without having to reconfirm them.

There is a better way, and you can take control of your email right now.


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This video shows you how to share your message with the world

What if there was ONE way to press a button to promote you, your products and services onto every screen, computer, tablet, television, pocket and even in the cars of every person, prospect or business in the world? Almost 7 billion people?


Do yourself a favor and watch this video right now.

This is the latest revolutionary idea from my buddy Mike Koenigs. He’s a genius at predicting where the market will go. In fact, he’s 10 for 10 over the last 7 years…and he’s doing it again.

This is…

You. Everywhere. Now.

It’s the biggest new idea in marketing.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal –

PS – You’ll get a new book when you watch the video.

 Get the book, ‘You. Everywhere. Now. free when you register.

Click here to watch the video and get the book!

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Frightening. That’s the only word that can
say exactly how affiliates feel when they
get the email stating their autoresponder
account has been suspended.


It hit a few super affiliates HARD, and they
have scrambled to recover their businesses.

What was the issue?

They were sending out affiliate offers
to their own buyer lists. When questioned
about it, the autoresponder service did not
care. They banned them and did not let
them export their account history.

Then comes the bigger problem..

What do you do next?

They tried to move to another autoresponder
service, but..the new autoresponder service
wanted double confirmation.

Thousands of buyer leads, over six figures
in sales, and they couldn’t mail the list because
of a simple misunderstanding.

You have to secure your list so this doesn’t
happen to you. You need to make sure that
you have complete control of your list and
now there is a permanent solution to make
sure this never happens to you.

It’s called IMSC Rapid Mailer.


IMSC Rapid Mailer Features:

* Zero Monthly Fees Saves You a Fortune in Autoresponder Costs
* Unrestrictive Importing and Mailing for Full Control of Your Campaigns
* Create Profitable Paid Mailing Lists Instantly (No one else does this!)
* New Marketer Friendly, Ultra-Simple Set Up… Be Up and Running Fast!
* Full Email Statistics & Click Tracking for Ultimate Campaign Tracking
* It works inside WordPress so installation is point and click simple.
* You can import your leads without double confirmation. (This means no FBI
   style interrogation, i.e., What was this lead looking at on Nov 3rd, 2010?)
* Plus a ton more…

+> Check it out here:

It works with “SMTP” services, so you don’t have to worry
about the difficulty of setting up your own mail server and
getting it to the inbox.

It’s all handled by the SMTP provider who gives you quality setups
on their side, so you can start inboxing right away. Plus, you can
send for free or use a paid “pay-per-send” option which for most
is actually less expensive than most autoresponder services.

+> Check it out here:

You’ll want to move fast as Sean has this at the lowest price
ever for the next few days. So grab it while you can, get your
emails delivered, and know your list is permanently secured.

+> Check it out here:

To Your Future,

Micheal –

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Reprinted with permission from WSOInsiders.comWSO MOMENTUM PROFIT LAUNCHER

WSO Momentum Profit Launcher

WSO Momentum Profit Launcher is a FULL Blown PDF with BONUS videos training course that SHOWS YOU exactly how to create, set up, gain MASSIVE momentum, plus how to set up your WSO to be profitable & SUCCESSFUL every single time.

This is the EXACT system Gavin Birchall used, tested, tweaked and fine tuned to gain massive EXPOSURE, momentum in his online business, build his BUYERS lists and make consistent “Recurring” incomes from his sales funnels every single month.

Within the WSO Momentum Profit Launcher system you’ll get FULL access to this simple step by step blueprint so that YOU can finally join the ranks of the TOP 97% of online marketers who use WSO’s to their FULL advantage every single day!

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Reprinted with permission from WordPress Plugin GuideRAPID MAILER WORDPRESS AUTORESPONDER PLUGIN

Note – this plugin is a MUST HAVE if you have an autoresponder from Aweber or Getresponse or any of the other services, because you should always back up your list. Not only that, but the implications for blog broadcasting is amazing, since you could install this on each of your blogs and build a list that you can broadcast to whenever you post.

Rapid Mailer is the Ultimate Self-Managed WordPress Autoresponder Platform to Maximize Your Email Marketing



Rapid Mailer + WordPress

IMSC Rapid Mailer integrates directly with WordPress for the ultimate flexibility and power. It installs as a regular plugin and you control all aspects of your email marketing right from your own website…


mirrror-imscrapidm-qrcode-LARGERapid Importing with No Restrictions

Unlike other autoresponder systems, you can just import your contacts and leads and get started. No messing around with re-confirmation of leads or facing an inquisition about how you built your list…

IMSC Rapid Mailer Features:

  • Zero Monthly Fees Saves You a Fortune in Autoresponder Costs
  • Unrestrictive Importing and Mailing for Full Control of Your Campaigns
  • Create Profitable Paid Mailing Lists Instantly (No one else does this!)
  • New Marketing Friendly, Ultra-Simple Set Up… Be Up and Running Fast!
  • Full Email Statistics & Click Tracking for Ultimate Campaign Tracking



Create campaigns, send broadcasts and track activity right from your mobile phone, iPad or desktop…

designEasy Email Editor

Our built in editor allows you to easily create powerful and beautiful emails that demand attention…

segmentingSegmenting & Groups

Easily split, migrate, segment and group your leads and lists as you see fit. Yep, we’re that flexible…


blogbroadcastsBlog Broadcasts

Instantly broadcast your new blog post to all your subscribers with just a few clicks for easy content marketing…


We have packed a ton of power into Rapid Mailer and many unique features you won’t find in any other Autoresponder or Email Management platform.

  • Awesome Themes and Templates
  • Amazing Statistics and Tracking
  • Easy Third-Party Sender Integration
  • Automated Can Spam Compliance

  • Batch Sending Avoids Bottlenecks

  • Double or Single Opt-In – Your Choice…

  • DKIM Wizard for Digitally Signing Emails

  • Auto Import All WordPress Members

  • Easy Squeeze Page Integration

  • Powerful Social Media Integration

RapidMailer is a Great Back Up Email System as Well…

Even if you have an existing autoresponder or email service, Rapid Mailer is a fantastic back up email system in case your service suffers any outages or DDOS attacks…

Don’t risk your profits…Grab Your Copy Right Now!

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The world is screaming “Lead Generation” but in reality, the business world is saying, in a soft, calm voice, “build a list and you WILL make money!”

Think about it.

What is a lead but someone who is on your list…

Two products crossed my desk this morning and I had to tell you about them because they will help you build a rocking business in any area you want, if you follow the directions.

If you are wanting a big MLM business, it will work for you.

If you want a big affiliate marketing business, it will work for you.

If you want a list of people who read your blog, it will work for you!

Email Cash Supremacy



Email Cash Supremacy is an eBook by Gavin Birchall and Alessandro Zamboni that reveals the money making principals of list building.


How To Make $261 WIth A List Of 200 Subscribers in 3 Days!


Marketing expert Joel Osborne revealed how he was able to build a list and make money from it, fast, with his newest offering:

If you are interested in list building, this is where you need to be studying!

And if you haven’t gotten your autoresponder yet, I recommend grabbing yours at Lead Generation Toolbox along with a tool suite that will make it easy for you to make money online…

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List building on Crack Video Course

Need a complete list building course but don’t have time to create one from scratch?
This is one heck of a great PLR value and wait until you see the value packed bonuses
that they are offering for 4 days only!

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Solo ads are when you buy a set number of clicks from someone who has an optin list. The seller will either mail your ad or a generic ad that gets clicks and switch out the URL receiving the clicks once your order of clicks has been satisfied.

The Solo Ad Syphon System is a guide to help you profit from solo ads. This system, if used correctly, is the best way to earn an online income. The good thing about this product, however, is the fact that the author was good enough to share it.

Online, a lot of marketers stay under the radar and take advantage of the successes that they have discovered and keep it to themselves. But this WSO has earned the WSO Of The Weekend because of the fact that Gary actually shared this with the Warriors instead of just using this to quietly increase his list size and blow the doors off of everyone else in the marketplace!

In the product, you will see a few requirements:


If you purchase this product from me, I will help you through the process of the above with a series of hangouts that will help you get all of this set up. I will answer questions and give recommendations.

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The Most Successful Marketers
ALL Use Online Events As A HUGE
Part Of Their Marketing Strategy …

(even if they are promoting somebody else’s)


Watch our hangout below:

You can be alerted to all of our Hangouts if you just follow the WSO Insiders Google Community! Click the link below and then click Follow:

There’s an absolute fortune to be made with online events using new cutting edge software.

The problem?

So far it’s only been used behind the sense by elite marketers, who want to keep it to themselves.

What you need is a 6-figure launch manager on your team, teaching you this secret recipe.

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